Looking for a Business Analyst

We’re looking for an experienced Business Analyst to work with us at OSPRI New Zealand. We run our projects with a people-centric flavour of agile, which has been very successful.  (And we like it! :-) You don’t need prior agile experience, but we do need you to be a good BA who’s comfortable working within the values […]

Intermittent posting in next few months

I did promise to post something on people skills every week… but some things have come up which will get in the way of my regular posting schedule. In particular, I’m preparing a half-day people skills workshop. “Regular transmission” will resume in a few months.  In the meantime, if you have any suggestions on what […]

Prepare your stories

In my last post in this Dialogue Skills series, I talked about learning and that fact that real learning requires practice. So how can you practice dialogue skills? Perhaps the easiest situation is when you are expecting a meeting or conversation to be somewhat difficult. You know the other people there are likely to hold different […]

Key points in the video

The video I just posted doesn’t show all the slides. In practice, there isn’t a Powerpoint deck that I can post, because many of the slides are hand-drawn by me during the talk. So, instead of slides, here’s a summary of the key points. Improving our people skills can Make our projects more successful Encourage gender […]

The Video

Over the past few years, I’ve been building up material on how we can all learn people skills.  Late last year I finally got it all pulled together into a 30-minute presentation.  The presentation includes several important things which I have not yet covered in writing on this blog. I presented the talk at last […]