I’ve just watched this on YouTube. For those who don’t know, James Bach specializes in testing, but most of what he says is applicable to agile in general. He covers the “people over tools” point very well. As I’ve written before, the importance of people over tools is incredibly important, but seems to have been… Read More

Something’s bugging me.  I think we’ve lost sight of our priorities in the agile software movement.  We are spending too much time talking about processes and tools, and too little time talking about people and their interactions. Think back to the Agile Manifesto.  At the moment, we seem to have:… Read More

Negotiation, meaning “discussion intended to produce agreement”, is fundamental to every software project.  (And other projects too – my examples just happen to come from the software industry.)  Developers and customers must reach agreement on what the system is supposed to do.   A wise agreement will define achievable goals and meet the users’ real needs.… Read More