When writing and speaking about People Skills, I’ve often felt that there was something missing.  Something important, which somehow I wasn’t successfully explaining.

Recently I discovered a great video from Dr Roger Schwartz, and it fills in the gap.  He points out that learning new skills is not enough. Most attempts to learn new skills fall flat.  Why? Because we apply the new skills within our old mindset (i.e. way of thinking).

Check out the video. Dr Schwartz covers the issue of mindset for People Skills really well. I’d suggest you skip the first 8 minutes, which consist of other people introducing Dr Schwartz. And if, like me, you want to get through the meat of the talk more quickly, use YouTube’s Play Speed setting to set it to play at 1.5x speed. (Click on the Settings – gear-like – icon at the bottom right of the video and choose a Speed option. Note that this doesn’t work in Internet Explorer.)

Here’s the video. I highly recommend it.