Over the past few years, I’ve been building up material on how we can all learn people skills.  Late last year I finally got it all pulled together into a 30-minute presentation.  The presentation includes several important things which I have not yet covered in writing on this blog.

I presented the talk at last year’s NZ Institute of IT Professionals (IITP) conference in Tauranga to a small but (I think) appreciative audience. Thanks to the generosity of the good folks at IITP, the presentation is now available on-line for a limited time. (Conference presentations are  normally for IITP members-only, but they’ve kindly made this one openly available “for a limited time”).

[Update: the video is now members-only. Sorry]

   (and please forgive the nervous-looking lackluster first 60 seconds or so, it gets better!) Finally, here’s a textual summary of the talk, in lieu of a slide deck.


One comment on “People Skills Video

  • Hi John,

    I don’t remember you being nervous. Your presentation was engaging and incredibly useful, and I liked the way you illustrated the slides as you went! Words that come to mind are: eye-opening, encouraging, inspiring, practical, applicable, sensible, best practice, and so on…

    It’s great that IITP is posting the video – and I’m sorry to hear it’s “for a limited time”, because actually, this is the kind of content that has the potential to make a very big impact on people, personally and professionally.

    See you at the TCANZ conference in October 2014!

    Cheers Em

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